K.Jacques Craftsman designer

Our expertise highlights the work of people who are highly skilled in the art of leather. They work to breathe life into every K.Jacques sandal, right down to the last detail. Working the materials, cutting the straps, assembling, gluing, sewing...every single step is carried out in our workshop located in the heart of Saint-Tropez.

Craftsmanship passed down through heritage requires careful attention at all times.

Noble materials, chosen with care
Making beautiful things takes time, especially when they are made to last.

A testament to our ancestral expertise since 1933, our Tropezienne sandals are born of a subtle balance between quality and elegance. French craft and beautiful materials enrich our collections. K.Jacques is above all the story of a brand seeking excellence. Making exceptional products means using quality raw materials. Meticulously selected from our long-term partners in France, Italy and Spain, our leathers come from the best tanneries. An alliance between the work of the artisans, and the tools and technologies they use, placing people at the heart of the production process. Our expertise relies on passing down these techniques and repeating them with the same precision every single day. Handling the leather, being in contact with the material and working its supple form...our teams are passionate about crafting our essential K.Jacques sandals.

Master leather-makers since 1933
Leather, a precious material.

An important ingredient in our sandals, leather is K.Jacques’ signature material. To ensure the perfect finish, down to the last detail, we use full-grain leather for all our collections. The art of leather is in our genes, it’s why our natural leather sandals have a unique way of shaping with the weight of the body to hug the foot over time.

The sandal, a work of art
Unlimited creativity.

Every year new sandals in new styles are released. Our collections’ success is due to two values: durability and creativity. As the seasons pass, new models are brought to life, integrating the latest trends. We are constantly seeking inspiration, through our travels, meetings and customer requests. K.Jacques displays its character through a creative approach that privileges sleek, contemporary lines, enhanced by noble materials and unequalled savoir-faire. Taking inspiration from the French “art de vivre”, our design office creates and crafts each model is to be both comfortable and beautiful. K.Jacques sandals have always stood out for their distinctive design, avoiding the superfluous.

A Living Heritage company
« The only genuine form of wealth is people. » Jean Bodin, 16th century

Faithful to our values and roots, our family company was recognized by the French state as a Living Heritage Company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) in 2010, a label which values excellence in French savoir-faire. With our strong historical background and robust local roots in the heart of Saint-Tropez, we are proud to contribute to French culture and artisan excellence.

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