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Leather sandals for men: total comfort and style!

You have several choices when it comes to summer shoes, but the best option is still a men’s leather sandal. Elegant, timeless and comfortable, they’re ideal for warm summer days.

By definition, men’s sandals are an open-toe shoe, they reveal the foot, while the straps ensure a good fit. At K.Jacques, men’s Tropezienne sandals are available in various different styles, so there’s one to go with any look. Light and breathable, they offer total comfort all summer long.

Men’s durable, comfortable and secure sandals

Often something we associate with vacations, men’s Tropezienne sandals are really popular and perfect for everyday wear. More and more men are wearing them, and K.Jacques men’s sandals are designed to hug your foot for a perfect fit. K.Jacques has sandals to suit all tastes, from men’s leather mules to flip flops and closed-toe sandals.

K.Jacques men’s sandals: what makes them different?

Crafted for total comfort with their meticulous design, K.Jacques men’s Tropezienne sandals are made from high-quality leather. An elegant men’s shoe, made from a noble material that takes on a patina over time.

  • The leather sole that holds your body weight is crafted from two thick leaves of leather. This offers good support and fit, and absorbs shocks when you’re walking.
  • The upper on the men’s sandal is made from soft leather, which delicately envelopes the foot. It is reinforced to hold your foot in place when you walk.
  • The heel is anti-slip offering excellent grip at the back of the foot.

Men’s leather sandals: always on trend!

At K.Jacques you’ll find a wide variety of men’s sandal styles. There’s something to suit every person and occasion.

  • Men’s mule sandals with a strap: just like our Capri and Popee models, the men’s leather mule exudes masculine elegance. With select raw materials and exquisite finishing touches, our men’s mules will be your go to shoe in the summer.
  • Men’s Tropezienne Sandals: with its chic, sporty style, the men’s Tropezienne sandal has a gladiator feel to it. A solid, masculine style with straps around the back of the heel so it won’t slip around.
  • Toe-post sandals: these are always a favorite in men’s wardrobes. K.Jacques men’s mules are easy to slip on and off and are ideal for strolling along those hot, sandy beaches.

Which men’s sandals for which outfit?

It’s all about creating that relaxed look and then enhancing it with a men’s leather sandal.

For a summery style that’s casual yet chic, opt for loose, light colored clothing and linen. Men’s natural leather Tropezienne sandals will add that extra dash of elegance.

For more urban looks, like Bermuda shorts with a matching cotton polo shirt, a pair of men’s leather mules are great. Simple, clean and effective.