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Bespoke and personalization


Custom orders and personalization have been a core value at K.Jacques’ since the company was first created.

As perfectly fitting shoes are important, and every foot is different,
we have two options for you.


1.    Try on our models with the help of one of our advisers and choose the one you like;

2.    If the standard fit isn’t right for you, order a new made-to-measure pair and make an appointment to be measured for it;

3.    On the day of your in-store appointment, we’ll measure your feet and your sandals will be sent back to the workshop;

4.    In the workshop our skilled artisans will work on your sandals;

5.    A few days later, you can pick up your perfectly fitting sandals in-store. What if you’re no longer in Saint-Tropez? Ask for custom K.Jacques to be posted to you.


  • You already own a pair of K Jacques or if you know your size and fit

Request customization and write the specifics in the comments, be sure to include your foot length and width.

  • It's your first pair of K.Jacques?

Not completely sure of your size or fit? Contact-us

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