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The K.Jacques tradition

Through the years, K.Jacques has upheld its commitments.

We’ve always been faithful to the convictions of our founders and they have been our guiding light for almost 90 years. Our commitments guide our daily steps, we care about preserving and perfecting French expertise, with the ambition of remaining a company whose products are 100% made in France.

K.Jacques: timeless design through heritage.

Quality is our core identity We are demanding when it comes to materials

Above all K.Jacques is about authentic charm, a unique style that never compromises on quality. With a minimalist spirit, our sole objective is to offer simple and sophisticated creations to accompany you for years. Often copied but never equaled, K.Jacques sandals have strict quality standards to ensure strong, comfortable footwear that lasts:

  • Quality design: comfort appears elegant, relying on collaboration at every link in the chain, right from the design phase.
  • Quality raw materials: we have established long-lasting relationships with our suppliers. Quality leather and an expert tanning process with custom, unique colors give us the assurance of an impeccable product.
  • Quality production processes: sandals are passed from hand to hand, post to post to ensure that each artisan sews, glues, taps, points, assembles, shines and waxes each shoe, before it is stamped. This expectation is reflected at every step of the production process.

Following the 46 different steps it takes to create a K.Jacques sandal, rigorous quality control is carried out, before each model is released to our clients’ wardrobes, where it will then take on a patina, becoming more beautiful with age.

Durability Longevity and repairability: the essence of a K.Jacques sandal.

At the heart of our commitments is the conviction that our sandals are durable. We want our clients to have sandals that can stand the test of time. Under the leadership of our qualified artisans, our sandals sometimes take more than an hour to make, because we ensure they will last. Each pair is meticulously crafted with the precision and skill of our shoe makers:

  • Choosing raw materials: thick leather, quality natural rubber and strong cotton line.
  • The sole bears your body weight and is made up of two leaves of thick leather created using a vegetable tanning process.
  • The birth of the upper: every part of the upper, which supports the foot, is crafted in supple leather. Ankle and foot straps, which are tugged at when the foot moves, are reinforced.
  • The heel is made from natural rubber, used for its anti-slip properties. As it is in direct contact with the ground, it is firmly nailed to the sole for optimum grip.
  • Milling and polishing by hand. This final step is important to ensure an impeccable finish. The contours of the sole are smoothed for a glass-like finish.
  • Finishing touches and quality control are meticulously carried out before any K.Jacques sandal is put into its box and covered with a leaf of white silk.

Local, French manufacture “Delocalization has nothing to do with our philosophy.” - Bernard

At K.Jacques, our production habits remain unchanged since 1933. We are committed to continuing this production in France, in our workshop in Saint-Tropez. In high season, the K.Jacques workshop and our boutiques employ 50 people. More than 70% of our products are exported to the five continents: Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Innovation Creative, festive and timeless collections

Our greatest success is to be transgenerational with new models every season that keep the same codes of the old, the guarantee of our roots. K.Jacques has always strived to bring together tradition and modernity with designs that are in line with the world today. Since 1933, more than 2,500 styles have been created and the collections are continually evolving, focusing on a strong commitment: simplicity and sophistication. To make each collection, our design office takes inspiration from the world around them, the city of Saint-Tropez, what they read, where they travel, people who have been influential, exhibitions, but above all our customers. The customization service we offer on all our sandals shows just how much we care about our customers. Made to order, we’ll write what you want, what you like or what drives you onto your K.Jacques sandals, so they’ll truly be yours. They’re not simply your sandals, they’re your K.Jacques.

K.Jacques artistic collaborations Exclusive and original sandal styles.

Between 1990 and 2000, K.Jacques’ expertise was channeled into artistic collaborations with fashion designers and creators, from the ultra traditional to totally on-trend: Karl Lagerfield, Corinne Cobson, Atsuro Tayama, Kenzo, Mario Chanet, Chacok, Kookaï, Courrèges, Stephanel, Balenciaga, Dorothée Bis, Plein Sud, Lolita Lempika, Helmut Lang, Georges Rech, Givenchy, Marion Lesage, Morgan, Doby Broda, Jérôme Lhuillier, Nathalie Garçon, Joseph, Paule Ka, Daniel Hechter, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Ken Okada, Catherine Malendrino, Missoni, Paco Rabanne, Sophie D’Hoore, Cynthia Steffe, Isabelle Marant. Today, K.Jacques is continuing this partnership with exclusive co-branded or co-signed creations. A meeting of artists, of soul and skill, is giving birth to exclusive, original sandal styles.