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Vegetable tanning for artisan sandals
Leather as part of tradition

The quality of our leather is something we are known for. Our camel leather sandals are made from thick vegetable and mineral tanned leather. During the production process, the leather is deeply enriched with oils, making it very strong. This process of immersion in oil contributes to 15% of the leather’s weight and makes the leather strong, supple and waterproof.

The first step in making our camel sandals, the leather we use comes from the best tanneries in France, known for their expertise and workmanship. The designation natural pull up leather refers to a vegetable pigment-free tanning process that will acquire a perfect patina over time. This process stabilizes the raw material to retain its suppleness, shine and contours – it keeps its character.

Camel: a traditional color for our natural leather Tropezienne sandals
Leather in its pure state

Our natural leather has a unique character you can recognize by its browny-beige tone. Made exclusively by our long-term supplier, our natural pull up leathers can only be found in our workshops. When it leaves the tannery, the leather used for our camel sandals has a pure, natural color, a light camel with warm tones. Camel natural leather sandals made in this way will become even more beautiful with time as they take on a patina and their own special character to tell your unique story. Leather is a living material that takes on a patina as it’s used and this shows in the color and texture variations that enhance its authenticity.

Our daily conviction is to provide you with items that, not only stand the test of time, but grow more beautiful as they do it.

Women’s camel sandals: an authentic style with a free spirit

Sensual, sleek, daring or more classic, our camel leather sandals offer unequalled comfort and impeccable quality. Start the new season in style with our collection of natural leather camel sandals!

Camel sandals have an authentic tone which conveys a hint of elegance and sophistication. A neutral color par excellence, camel sandals will go with lots of other colors like blue, white, red, black and even maroon!

Maintenance is key for longevity
How to take care of camel sandals?

To keep you natural leather sandals supple and waterproof they need to be well looked after. First, you need to store your camel sandals carefully in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Then you need to take care of them. Just like your skin, leather should be regularly nourished and hydrated.

Discover our secrets for taking care of leather sandals here.