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Women’s Tropezienne sandals: the perfect summer shoes

The Tropezienne sandal is always a summer favorite! An iconic sandal from Saint-Tropez, the Tropezienne women’s sandal quickly became a hit with the stars who made Saint-Tropez their playground.

The Tropezienne sandal has become a mainstay in women’s wardrobes and is available in several styles. Worn with both relaxed and more dressy looks, our Tropezienne sandals are suitable for any occasion and look great with any summer outfit.

A wide selection of Tropezienne sandals for women

A chic French symbol of elegance, K.Jacques Tropezienne sandals are carefully designed in our workshop, to create stylish, comfortable footwear that works with any look. Made from natural materials like leather, cork and wood, they showcase both design and quality. Our women’s sandals are available in new styles every year, from flat mules to Tropeziennes.

How to wear K.Jacques Tropezienne sandals?

Around town, at work, on the beach, on vacation... Tropezienne sandals work anywhere! A timeless summer style, they go with any look from ultra-relaxed to super chic. Take a look at out three Tropezienne sandal styles and get yours today.

    1. The silver or gold Tropezienne sandal

      Silver or gold Tropezienne sandals look great with any outfit. You can wear them with prints, or all-over white, and even with that essential little black dress. A metallic Tropezienne sandal will turn an ordinary look into something special. Be mindful though, gold and silver doesn’t mean you want to end up looking like a disco ball! Our Tropezienne shoes come in an array of colorful metallic hues and subtle copper tones.

    2. Tropezienne mules

      The retro mule is somewhere between a sandal and a flip-flop. The Tropezienne mule has an ankle strap for a chic, relaxed look. Our Tropezienne mule collections changes each year, in line with the current trends:

      • Flat women’s mules slip on and off with ease, at the beach or swimming pool, whatever you’re up to.

      • Wedge mules: our Tropezienne wedge mules have a cork or wood wedge, offer great fit and accentuate the outline of your leg.

      • Block heeled mules: a compromise between a stiletto heel and flats, a block heeled mule adds a touch of elegance to your outfits while offering stability and comfort.

    1. The white Tropezienne sandal

      The white Tropezienne sandal is back in vogue! Some love them, some don’t, but immaculate white Tropezienne sandals can always be spotted on fine sandy beaches. White Tropezienne sandals are striking, bright and easier to wear than you think. They go with any outfit, from distressed jeans to printed dresses, long skirts and bright colors. They’re a wardrobe essential for self-assured, on-trend looks!
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